April, 09 - August, 11, 2013

the Assumption Belfry

Organized by:
the Moscow Kremlin Museums 

01# Nautilus (shell) cupThe Moscow Kremlin museum school of restoration, having been developed since the XIXth century, has longtime traditions and can be called one of the best in the world. A new chapter in its history, opened in the post-revolutionary years, relates to the establishment of the restoration workshop the Kremlin and the creation of the positions for restorers within the museum. In 1963 the museum saw the foundation of its own restoration workshop and the current jubilee exhibition marks the 50th Anniversary of the the Moscow Kremlin Museums’ Department of Restoration and Conservation.

The exposition, divided into four sections, presents 95 masterpieces, dating from the XIVth to XXth centuries, which have passed through the hands of restorers over the last ten - fifteen years. Each of the four sections is intended to introduce the activities of the museum’s conservation department and its sectors, intended for working with metal, painting, in textile restoration and the restoration of paper, books and graphical materials. Most of the articles are referred to the famous craftsmen and could have been related to distinguished historical figures of the past.

Among various exposed items of great historical and cultural value several masterpieces are considered to be real discoveries thanks to the conservation activities of the museum’s restores, for example “The Holy Trinity” icon, dated to the late XVth century (restorer I.N. Gordeeva), the sakkos of Metropolitan Alexis (restorer I.M. Kachanova), the shoulder piece and embroidered cuffs of the sakkos of Metropolitan Simon (restorers V.A. Vytchuzhanin and S.A. Matiukhova).

The project incorporates a number of monuments that are currently undergoing restoration. All of the presented items reveal a comprehensive scientific approach to the problem of restoration and conservation of artworks, as well as provide noteworthy information on the procedure, methods and techniques, employed by the craftsmen during the restoration process. Modern equipments, spacious workrooms and application of new technologies and innovations of the restoration industry permit the restoration and renovation works to meet the highest professional standards.

Each museum exhibit or monument has a history of its own. The diligence and proficiency of the museum’s researchers and restorers makes it possible to extend the lifetime of the precious exhibits and give us an opportunity to admire the beauty and splendour of the restored items and learn more about our past.

General partner - Rosbank
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