June, 29 - October, 21, 2007

One-Pillar Chamber of the Patriarch's Palace

Organized by:
The Moscow Kremlin Museums

01# Icon Along-term researches and restoration works have preceded the Moscow Kremlin exhibition of the Old Russian icon painting. Obscure, newly restored outstanding artworks of the Kremlin painters, i.e. unique icons, items of arts and crafts of the first half of the XVIIth century are presented within the display.

In 1613 the Zemskiy Council elected young Michael Fyodorovich Romanov to take the throne of Russia. From the first days of ruling the Tsar started reconstruction of the Moscow Kremlin, its cathedrals and territory. Icon painters of the Michael Romanov's workshops executed icons, paintings for the embroideresses and makers of the Silver Chamber, flags, miniatures and manuscript books.

The Kremlin icons collection has been forming during many centuries. Within the exhibition you will see artworks from different Russian churches, i.e. churches of Laying Our Lady's Holy Robe, Michael the Archangel at Chonum of the Kremlin Chudov Monastery, the Archangel's Cathedral, Assumption Cathedral, Annunciation Cathedral, Sretensky monastery, Bogoyavlensky monastery etc.

The exhibition reveals the peculiarities of the Russian school of icon painting by the example of artworks from the Moscow Kremlin collection. It is worth of visiting for everyone who is interested in history of the Russian culture and artistic heritage.