17 April 2018 — 25 July 2018

Exhibition hall of the Assumption Belfry, the exhibition hall of the Patriarch's Palace

Organized by: 
The Moscow Kremlin Museums
Shanghai Museum

VesselIt will be the first time when the collection of the Shanghai Museum will be demonstrated in the Moscow Kremlin Museums. The exhibition is dedicated to the Ming dynasty epoch (1368–1644), one of the most vivid pages in the wealthiest heritage of China. Experts call that period – the "extension of knowledge", as the interest in art, literature and music, intimate knowledge of philosophical and historical tractates becomes a real cult. This very body of knowledge and interests is known as “scholarship” in China.

Not only aristocrats but also artists in different spheres of art were highly educated people and connoisseurs of the art of the earlier periods. Sources of inspiration for them were mainly works of the masters of the Tang (618–907) and Song (960–1279) dynasties, which were perceived as a peak of refinement and exquisite style. Wonderful pieces of art that will be demonstrated in the exhibition halls of the Moscow Kremlin Museums will make it possible for visitors to get acquainted with almost all aspects for which Ming culture is renowned—porcelain, paintings, stone carving and furniture.

The Shanghai Museum is the owner of a unique collection of Ming furniture. On display will be a "scholar’s studio", which will represent various items of furniture, i.e. armchair, table for calligraphy and incense stand, shelf for keeping books and scrolls, distinguished for their beautiful lines, superb and high-quality carving on wood. In addition to furniture, there will be examples of so-called in China “cabinet treasures”, namely elegant ink slabs, vessels for dissolving ink, brush stands, etc.

Undoubtedly, the hallmark of the Ming era was porcelain. It was then that the masters developed wonderful coloured glaze and the technology of overglaze painting. Also, it was the time when new techniques of lacquer carving and cloisonne enamel originated.

Ming painting is noted for both skilful refinement and reform spirit. The display demonstrates two scroll paintings by prominent artists of that period. They are the ‘Snow Landscape’ by Wen Boren and ‘Peony, Banana Leaves and Stones’ by Xu Wei.

A separate part of the exposition is dedicated to archaeological artefacts, viz the rarest jewellery and a unique set of china statuettes of an honorary escort from the tomb of the imperial family members. 

The display is aimed at familiarizing Russian viewer with a genuine cultural phenomenon, a profound intellectual world of a man of education in Imperial China through the example of magnificent exhibits of one of the best Chinese museums—the Shanghai Museum.

The Moscow Kremlin Museums have launched a theme-based satellite site about the exhibition https://mingdynasty.kreml.ru/en-US


Exhibition halls

Opening hours: from 1000 to 1700 daily, except Thursday.

Admission by the ticket to the architectural ensemble of the Cathedral Square.
Admission fee – 500 RUB. Tickets for visitors under 16 are free of charge. 

Tickets are available
- online
 (only full price tickets);
- at the ticket office at the Alexander Garden on the day of the visit;
- via touch-sensitive terminals in the ticket office at the Alexander Garden on the day of the visit (only full price tickets).

You could get the exhibition catalogue here:
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- museum shop at the Alexander Garden;
- museum shop in the Armoury Chamber.
  Price of the catalogue: 2000 rub.

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