April, 11 - May, 26, 2013

 the front hall of the Armoury Chamber

Organized by:
the Moscow Kremlin Museums 

02# Object-bracelet 12 years ago the largest diamond mining company "ALROSA" joined the project "Diamonds of Russia – the XXth century", which resulted in the presentation of the precious diamond production in the Assumption Belfry. State-of-the art technologies of the stone cutting and processing industry were revealed through the pieces of the “Brilliant in the Russian avant-garde style", designed by the "Jewellery Theatre" company.

"ALROSA" company not only assisted in the creation of the collection but also provided support for its preservation. Today 30 precious masterpieces are integrated into the collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums Fund for Contemporary Art.

The exposition includes the most part of the museum’s recent acquisitions from the company ALROSA. Each article is a real masterpiece, remarkable for the beauty of natural stones and innovative design, incorporating stylized avant-garde motifs and forms.