29.05.2021 – 29.08.2021

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum. SAR Hong Kong, PRC

Organised by:
the Moscow Kremlin Museums, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum
the Moscow Kremlin Museums


Portrait of Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich

The exhibition is dedicated to the epoch of the "Tsardom of Muscovy" – a time when a formidable Eurasian statehood was created under the rule of Russian autocrats in the 16th-17th cc.

The exhibition aims to show an image of the Russian sovereign, to tell about the most significant aspects of state life, which demanded monarch's personal attention, as well as a family life of the Russian Tsar – a sphere, where personal interests of the sovereign were tightly entwined with the state ones.

The ceremony of ultimate state importance, witnessing the sacral nature of Russian sovereigns' power, was Tsar's Coronation. Visitors will have an opportunity to see state regalia and objects of the Tsars' attire, ceremonial vestments of the sovereign and higher hierarchs of the Orthodox Church, liturgical objects, and icons.  

Tsar's ceremonial departure was a large-scale and glorious spectacle, whether it was marching-off for the war or troops review, a pilgrimage, or moving to the countryside residence. Preserved in the Tsar’s Stables Treasury, objects of ceremonial horse harness, precious horse adornments, and arms from the collection of the Kremlin Museums help to imagine this scene. 

Tsar was obliged to be the first defender of the State and the orthodox faith. Samples of the Tsar's ceremonial arms and armour, including those that were a part of the camp military campaigns of Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich during the war against the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, will tell about the Russian Tsar as a supreme military governor. 

An important part of the representation of the Russian Tsar's image was an ambassadorial reception and exchange of gifts with foreign states. The exhibition shows the costume and armament of the ceremonial guards of the Russian Tsars, numerous and various ambassadorial gifts: weapons, horse adornments, precious tableware. 

Personal belongings of the Russian Tsarinas and Tsarevnas, female adornments, bridal crowns, and pieces of palace everyday houseware tell about tsar family life, usually concealed from prying eyes. The exposition shows also a measured icon of Tsarevich Aleksei Mikhailovich (sized by the height of a newborn), children's weapons and horse adornments, a book about military art, produced specially for Tsarevichs or belonging to them.

The display presents more than 230 items from the Kremlin collection. Some art pieces are shown abroad for the first time.