CALENDAR: ALL EVENTS - September 2012

  • 05.07.2012 - 09.09.2012

    Treasure of the Order of Malta. Nine centuries of "Defence of the Faith and assistance to the poor and the suffering"

    The exhibition, held in the One-Pillar Chamber of the Patriarch's Palace, incorporates a collection of precious items and historical relics, which are related to the world's oldest surviving order of chivalry - The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, commonly known as the Order of Malta. The remarkable artworks, having been dispersed all over the world through the centuries, today are brought together in one exhibition space to reveal to the audience some heroic pages in the history of the Order of Malta, which remains true to its inspiring principles, summarized in the motto: “Defence of the faith and assistance to the poor and the suffering”. About 200 exhibits from various museums, archives and private collections are on display, including those of Russia, Malta, Italy and France.

  • 09.05.1945 - 20.06.2014

    Moscow Kremlin Museums in the second half of the XXth century

    The development of the museum in the second half of the XXth — early XXIth century