• 21.05.2008 - 16.07.2008

    Samurais: treasuries of the Japanese Daimyo

    In the exhibition halls of the Assumption Belfry and One-Pillar Chamber of the Patriarch's Palace you can visit an exhibition, dedicated to art of samurais' aristocracy, whose interests and taste influenced the development of the whole Japanese culture. The display represents over 70 remarkable artworks of different epochs from collection of the Tokyo National Museum, i.e. arms and armour, preserved as family relics, utensils for tea ceremonies, costumes and dresses of the Noh theatre, articles as evidences of samurais’ taste and knowledge of history and art of their country and nation. All the precious exhibits, revealing aesthetics of Japanese samurais, are masterpieces of delicate workmanship and worthy of particular attention.

  • 09.05.1945 - 20.06.2014

    Moscow Kremlin Museums in the second half of the XXth century

    The development of the museum in the second half of the XXth — early XXIth century