• 13.05.2022 - 14.08.2022

    The Duel: from Trial by Combat to a Noble Crime

    Unique exhibits will help to immerse in the world of duels of the 16th-17th centuries; many are exhibited in Russia for the first time and never before seen in the same space. The display features over a hundred and forty artefacts – rare drawings, engravings, paintings, treatises on the art of fencing, arms and armour of that time, given on loan by Russian museums and libraries.

  • 09.06.2022 - 10.08.2022

    1872 Peter the Great’s Anniversary in Moscow

    The exhibition "1872 Peter the Great's Anniversary in Moscow" coincides with the 150th Anniversary of the Polytechnic Exhibition, which marked the Emperor’s 200th Anniversary and became the most outstanding and grandiose project ever undertaken within the Moscow Kremlin. In 1872, for the first time in history, the Kremlin, its surrounding gardens and the embankment were transformed into a real city of science, technology and art. Its plan, opening the exhibition in the state anteroom of the Armoury Chamber today, shows the scale of this first pavilion-type exhibition in Russia.

  • 01.01.2022 - 31.12.2022

    Kids and Teens Educational Programs Center

    Primary school (grades 1-4)