Earrings in Russia were one of the most popular types of jewellery – an adornment for both women and men, with the only difference that the latter wore only one earring. There was a high demand for earrings, they were made in great quantity, and there appeared special earring-masters among the Russian silversmiths in the 16th and 17th centuries.

At that time, earrings varied much in form and decoration. The most ordinary earrings consisted of a wire ring to which rods bearing metal beads, stones, or glass were attached. Alongside such earrings, widely spread among the population, there were more intricate in form and ornate in design, common in privileged circles. These golden earrings with precious stones, pearls and enamel are the brightest example.

There are two kissing doves in the centre, above which a golden arc of rubies rises in a peculiar horseshoe. The pair of doves, symbolizing loving hearts, and the horseshoe, a symbol of happiness and luck, suggests that the earrings could have been intended for a bride as a wedding gift.

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