Federal State-Budget Cultural Institution "The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site". Moscow: MegapolisPrint, 2021. 224 pp.; illustrated, hardback. 1,000 copies. — ISBN 978-5-88678-373-5

Language: Russian, photo captions and summary in English as well.

Закат династии. Последние Рюриковичи. ЛжедмитрийThe catalogue is prepared for the eponymous exhibition at the Moscow Kremlin Museums and devoted to one of the most challenging times in Russian history - the ending of the Rurikid family reign on the Moscow throne and the Time of Troubles. The artefacts included in the first section of the book tell about the last members of the dynasty and Vassily Shuisky's short-time accession to the throne – the last of the Rurikids on the throne. These are relics of the royal family, personal belongings of the rulers and their immediate circle, royal donations to churches and monasteries.

A controversial historical figure – the personality of the False Dmitry I, an imaginary younger son of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, who appeared on the Russian throne for a short time, is revealed in the second section of the publication. The authors attempt to take an unbiased look at this historical phenomenon. It comprises rare items related to the name of "Tsar Dmitry Ivanovich", documentary evidence telling the circumstances of his appearance, his accession to the throne, wedding and sad end, as well as images and personal belongings of representatives of secular and ecclesiastical authority in the country during the Time of Troubles.