GRAND PRINCE IVAN III, SOVEREIGN OF ALL RUSSIAThe catalogue, accompanying the exhibition of the Moscow Kremlin Museums, is to reveal the personality of Ivan III and his contribution to the development of Russia. It presents the epoch of the Grand Prince as the initial stage in the formation of the Moscow Tsardom's ideology, arranging the display of the surviving artefacts to illustrate this process. The will and energy of this ruler had turned the Moscow Principality into a Tsardom and Moscow into a new capital that had taken over the glory of the fallen Constantinople. The core of the catalogue is formed by objects which have direct connection to the Kremlin as the Grand Prince's residence. They are now stored at the Moscow Kremlin Museums. The works of art lent by the leading museums of Russia show how the ideas of the time spread all over the territories subordinated to Moscow and demonstrate the influence of the new capital. The authentic documents from the archives serve to illuminate the most important deeds of the Grand Prince.