Authors: S. Amelekhina, E. Bulgakova, M. Sarycheva — The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site. — Moscow: Azbuka, 2022 —124 p. —1000 copies. ISBN 978-5-88678-394-0


The first People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs of the USSR. For the 150th Anniversary of G.V. Chicherin and the100th Anniversary of the USSRThe edition is timed to the exhibition in the Moscow Kremlin Museums 'The 100th Anniversary of the USSR: G. V. Chicherin and the Soviet Diplomacy'. It includes over eighty items, most part of which is published for the first time. The exhibition project is dedicated to Georgy Vasilievich Chicherin – brilliant diplomat and statesman, who leaded the Foreign Office of the RSFSR and the USSR in the most complicated period of the post-revolutionary history of the country. Genuine rarities – personal belongings such as the 1922-1924 model year Red Army uniforms and robes presented by the delegations from Asian countries, as well as documents and photographs, phaleristics artifacts, remarkable samples of agitation porcelain, paintings, graphics, and artistic metal from Russian museum collections tell about the life and work of G.V. Chicherin.