The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site, 2017.
In Russian; captions in Russian and in English; summary in English. – 304 pp., ill.

Каталог выставки «Людовик Святой и реликвии Сент-Шапель»

This catalogue accompanies the exhibition 'Saint Louis and Relics of the Sainte-Chapelle', dedicated to one of the most charismatic rulers of the Middle Ages – French King Saint Louis IX (1214 - 1270). Saint Louis is known as the remarkable sovereign, who managed to expand the royal domain and implemented reforms, and a man of rare piety, wishing of his absolution from sins and moral transformation of society, as well as a Christian knight.

The catalogue presents seventy-five exhibits of the epoch of St Louis and memorial things showing the worship of the king, i.e. manuscripts, small statuary, church utensils, including those adorned with vivid Limoges enamels and elements of Gothic churches' ornamentation from the collections of the largest museums of France and Russia.

The catalogue containing rich illustrations and scientists' articles on the Sainte-Chapelle and culture of the thirteenth century France is certainly of interest to all the connoisseurs of art.