Federal State-Budget Cultural Institution "The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site", 2019. 504 pp., cover.
In Russian; captions and summary in Russian and in English.

Хранители времени. Реставрация в Музеях Московского КремляConservation experts, who bring back to life irreplaceable items of lasting artistic and historical significance, can rightly be called ‘guardians of time’. The exhibition catalogue 'Guardians of Time. Conservation at the Moscow Kremlin Museums' presents works made by the members of the Scientific Conservation Department of the Kremlin Museums mainly over the last five years. The Conservation Studios has existed for more than half a century, since 1963, and now consists of four sections: metal, painting, textiles, and one for paper, books, and graphic materials.

The four sections of the catalogue correspond with the four sections of the Conservation Studios of the museum. The catalogue contains information about artistic features of the eighty-seven exhibits, written by its curator, and a description of the conservation process, compiled by the conservator.

Many works are published for the first time, and a number of unique objects are thus being introduced into scientific and historical circulation. The restoration of some works made it possible to return them to their original appearance, to rediscover the names of the artists and makers, and to learn the details and historical context of their creation. Many of the works presented in the catalogue demonstrate advanced conservation technologies and new techniques. A significant number of the works are examples of complex restoration processes carried out through the joint efforts of professionals of different backgrounds. The catalogue concludes with information about the conservators of the Moscow Kremlin Museums, forming a 'collective portrait' of the modern Kremlin restoration school.