The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site, 2018.
In Russian; captions and summary in Russian and in English.

«Династия Мин: Сияние Учености»

This catalogue accompanies the exhibition "Ming Dynasty: The Radiance of Knowledge" hold at the Moscow Kremlin Museums (April-July 2018) and presenting over a hundred and fifty items from the Shanghai Museum. Four sections of the publication offer most characteristic and vivid aspects of Ming culture. The "Scholar’s Studio" section introduces the key "treasures" of the man of education of the Ming dynasty (1348-1644); the "Passion for Antiquity" tells about imitating the finest pieces of art dating back to more ancient times. The third section called "Porcelain Pleiad of the Ming Dynasty" is related to the art of porcelain which flowered at that time; and the "Treasures Discovered in Ming Tombs" allows us to get acquainted with a fascinating set of statuettes of an honorary escort, comprising sixty-six figures.

The catalogue is of interest to both specialists and a wide audience of amateurs of Chinese culture.

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