InsideThe exhibition entitled "Treasures of the Ottoman Sultans. From the Collection of the Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul" offers Russian visitors their first-ever opportunity to admire the unique collection of the world-famous Turkish museum, and is supplied with a comprehensive catalogue. The presented exhibits, among which personal items predominate, are accompanied with detailed descriptions. Objects which symbolize royal power include an ornate matara flask, a precious pendant for the throne, a golden pen-case, aigrettes for the Sultan's headdress, and a quiver for bow and arrows. Arms form a special prominent part of the collection, notably the sword of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, the dagger of Sultan Selim the Grim, and sword and yatagan of Suleyman the Magnificent. Of considerable interest are also the cold arms of the Mamluk period, incorporated into the Ottoman rulers' arsenal after the annexation of Egypt. Among various household exhibits there are items from the Sultans' wardrobe and the attire of men, women and children along with censers, crystal vials, porcelain cups, peculiar woven and embroidered kerchiefs for wrapping different objects, a set of chess pieces and a desk set. Masterpieces by renowned court jewelers on display are executed in gold and stone and decorated with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. A special section of the exhibition is devoted to calligraphy and manuscripts, the art which reached new heights at the Ottoman court. All these remarkable objects are illustrated with prints and paintings as well as documents, particularly Sultans' decrees (firmans).