InsideThe edition accompanies the international cultural project exploring artworks and artistic style of Rene Lalique - outstanding French artist, whose name in the European jewellers' art of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century is synonymous with the birth of Art Nouveau, one of the most romantic styles in world culture. René Lalique, marvellous jeweller, goldsmith and silversmith, excellent draughtsman, brilliant stylist, designer and master glassmaker, belongs to the most prominent artists of his age. The catalogue includes about 170 pictures of exhibits from the world-known museums and private collections, i.e. drawings, jewellery items and accessories, executed in the period from 1886-1887 till 1920s, interior implements and glass works in the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles. The presented exhibits are accompanied with detailed descriptions. It is the first voluminous edition in Russian language, devoted to the very artist.