THE ICONOSTASIS FROM THE DORMITION CATHEDRAL OF THE KIRILLO-BELOZERSKI MONASTERYThe edition, accompanying the exhibition of the Moscow Kremlin Museums, is dedicated to one of the most important treasures of Ancient Russian art - the iconostasis from the Dormition Cathedral of the Kirillo-Belozerski Monastery. It was created for the first stone cathedral, consecrated in 1497, and it reached the present day. At the exhibition at the Moscow Kremlin Museums the majority of the icons from the Kirillov iconostasis are presented all together for the first time. There has never been an exhibition of such kind in the museums of Russia; this exhibition of the spectacular iconostasis from the Kirillo-Belozerski Monastery is undoubtly a unique one. The sections of the catalogue relate to the tiers of the iconostasis. At the beginning are descriptions of the icons from the tier of local saints, then there are the icons from the main tier of the iconostasis — the Deesis tier, and following them are the icons from the feast and prophet tiers.