The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site, 2018.

Language: English.

The present book is dedicateFaberge. Easter Giftsd to the Easter masterpieces created by the prominent Russian jewellery house owned by Carl Fabergé – the famous court jeweller, artist and restorer of museum treasures. Among the admirer’s of his talent were the members of the royal family. Carl Fabergé was the official supplier to the imperial court from 1885—then the first Easter egg was made for Empress Maria Fyodorovna by order of Emperor Alexander III. Since then such order became a tradition. When Nicholas II ascended the throne, the firm was to make two eggs—one for the dowager Maria Fyodorovna and Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna. Each new egg was to be different from the previous one, and ideally, it should surpass in an unusual artistic decision. The Moscow Kremlin Museums possess the largest collection of Imperial Easter eggs created by the House of Fabergé. These masterpieces have always arisen admiration and enormous interest for representing unique chronicles of the country under the reign of the last Russian emperors— Alexander III and Nicholas II. Some of these amazing creations reflected fateful historical events of the Russian Empire; others were devoted to family love.