The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site, 2018. 435 pp., ill.

Language: English.


The catalogue of the English silver in the Moscow Kremlin Museums includes pieces from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries, some widely known, some published for the first time. Of special interest is the collection of early works dated from 1557 to 1663. A number of pieces are diplomatic gifts brought by the embassies of King James I and King Charles II of England and King Christian IV of Denmark to Tsars Mikhail Romanov and Alexey Mikhailovich of Russia. The group of silver objects of the eighteenth-twentieth centuries consists of works by London, Birmingham and Sheffield silversmiths. The silver furniture and chandeliers and the memorial objects commissioned by the monarchs of Russia, Denmark and Britain are extremely rare. The volume is richly illustrated, many of the items being published in detail for the first time.

This publication is intended for art historians, museum employees, connoisseurs and collectors, and for those with an interest in art history.

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