The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site. In Russian; captions in Russian and in English.

InsideThe catalogue accompanying the exhibition “Jewels inspired by Nature. Ilgiz F.” allows us to trace the career of a contemporary Russian jeweler Ilgiz Fazulzyanov. He has been working in this field for more than twenty years and has become a world-known master.

Ilgiz Fazulzyanov works with precious metals and stones. He is one of a few jewelers in the world using various classical techniques of “hot enamel” as well as his own unique techniques. Nature occupies the main place in his works: flowers are swinging in the wind, birds and butterflies are ready to fly up. In preference to Art Nouveau and Art Deco art styles, he creates birds, insects, plants and flowers on a fine line of vividness and the master’s unique style.

The catalogue presents both 148 pieces of jewellery, including those for which Ilgiz Fazulzyanov was honoured with the highest award at the International Jewellery Design Excellence Award Competition in Hong Kong in 2011 and 2013, and drawings made in 1996–2016.

The catalogue is of interest to specialists and wide audience.