Museums in the Kremlin

Armoury Chamber

A world-wide known treasure-house hosting ancient Russian state regalia, ceremonial vestments, church utensils, gold and silver relics.

Assumption cathedral

The main cathedral of the Russian State, where the inaugurations of Princes, Tsars, Emperors and heads of the Russian Orthodox Church have been held for centuries.

Archangel's Cathedral

The dynastic necropolis of Moscow Great Princes and Tsars incorporating 47 tombstones and 2 reliquaries.

Annunciation cathedral

The home church of Moscow Great Princes and Tsars intended for royal ceremonies and keeping the royal treasury.

Patriarch's Palace

One of the rare examples of civil architecture of the mid XVIIth century. Nowadays the chambers of the Palace houses an exposition devoted to the Russian XVIIth-century culture.

Church of Laying Our Lady's Holy Robe

The home church of Russian Metropolitans and Patriarchs with remarkable iconostasis and wall-paintings and a permanent exhibition of Russian wooden sculpture in its gallery.

Ivan the Great Bell-Tower complex

The ensemble of the Ivan-the-Great Bell-Tower, Assumption Belfry and Filaret Annex has been the architectural cradle of the city for centuries.

Architectural complex of the Cathedral Square

The most ancient square of the Kremlin - the Cathedral Square - still preserves the unique architectural ensemble of the Middle ages, which incorporates several cathedrals, a church, bell tower and palace