What to see in the Kremlin

Exposition, dedicated to the Ascension monastery, in the South annex of the Archangel Cathedral

The exposition in the South annex of the Archangel Cathedral is devoted to one of the most ancient convents of Moscow - the Ascension monastery, highly esteemed in Russia, founded by Grand Duchess Eudokia, the wife of Grand Prince Dmitry Donskoi.

Exhibition "Map of Russia. Milestones in history"

From the 23th of December, 2014, the Moscow Kremlin Museums hosts an exhibition, exploring to the phenomenon of Russia as the largest state in the world, which has been preserving its status since the late XVIIth century.

The Armoury Chamber

A world-wide known treasure-house hosts a precious collection of ancient Russian regalia, ceremonial tsar's dress, church hierarchs' vestments, gold and silverware by Russian, European and Eastern masters, arms and armouries, royal carriages and horse ceremonial harness

Architectural complex of the Cathedral Square

The most ancient square of the Kremlin - the Cathedral Square - still preserves the unique architectural ensemble of the Middle ages, which incorporates: the Assumption cathedral, Archangel's cathedral, Assumption cathedral, the Church of Laying Our Lady's Holy Robe, the Patriarchs Palace and the Ivan the Great Bell-Tower complex.


The finest example of the bronze casting technology in the Tsardom of Russia is placed in Ivanovskay Square

Tsar Bell

The Tsar Bell, considered to be the largest bell in the world, is exposed in the Ivanovskaya Dquare standing on the stone base to the east of the Ivan-the-Great Bell-Tower.

Museum of history of the Kremlin architectural complex in the Ivan the Great Bell-Tower

«He who has never climbed to the top of Ivan the Great, who has never had an opportunity to take in the whole of the ancient capital at one glance from end to end, who has never admired that majestic panorama, stretching almost beyond that range of vision, knows absolutely nothing about Moscow…» Mikhail Lermontov

The Patriarch's Palace and the Twelve Apostles' Church

One of the rare examples of civil architecture of the Patriarch Nikon's times. Nowadays, the Cross Chamber, the Front Anteroom, the refectory and the Twelve Apostles' Church house the museum.

Exposition "Treasures and antiquities of the Moscow Kremlin"

The exposition, arranged on the lower ground floor of the Cathedral, comprises monuments and artefacts, found during the archeological excavations and scientific researches in the Moscow Kremlin territory, as well as those related to the history of the development of the Russian Tsars' treasure houses, or derived from the collections and treasures of the Russian noble people, high ranking officials and ancient monasteries.

Exhibition of wooden sculpture

Exhibition of Russian wooden sculpture in the northern gallery of the church helps to overcome the error idea of the absence of sculpture in Russian Orthodox churches' decoration. Monumental icon sculptures, carved icons, small crosses and folding icons give an idea of this kind of art's development in the XVth — XIXth centuries. The most ancient exhibit is the relief depiction of St. George of the late XIVth — early XVth century, one of the oldest Russian icons.

Artillery pieces

The Moscow Kremlin Museums possess the largest collection of artillery pieces in Russia, which numbers about 800 items. With regard to the quantity of artillery rarities the museum occupies the second place just after the Artillery Museum in Saint-Petersburg. The most ancient and remarkable weapons of the XVIth-XVIIIth centuries, including most famous Tsar cannon, were mounted on decorative cast-iron gun carriages in 1830s.