Museum collection

Russian state regalia

One of the most valuable collection, which has no analogy in other museums of our country, comprises the emblems or insignia of royalty, ceremonial vestments and other ornaments, worn and carried at a coronation and on official occasions

Arms and armour

The collection of arms of Moscow Kremlin Museums includes about 8 thousands items of the XIth to XXth centuries.

Russian artworks of gold and silver

The collection of Russian gold and silverware includes masterpieces of the XIIth to XXth centuries, made basically of precious metals and stones, and numbers about 13200 exhibits.

Foreign artworks of gold and silver

The collection numbers over 9000 items, crafted by foreign distinguished silversmiths and Western and Eastern jewellery makers of the XIIIth-XXth centuries.

Ceremonial horse trappings

The unique collection of ceremonial horse harness numbers over 1.500 items including those made of silver and gold, ehchased with precious stones.