• 09.05.1945 - 20.06.2014

    Moscow Kremlin Museums in the second half of the XXth century

    The development of the museum in the second half of the XXth — early XXIth century

  • 30.08.2013 - 01.12.2013

    Denmark and the Russian Empire 1600-1900

    The Moscow Kremlin Museums take part in the exhibition project being carried out by the Museum of National History in Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark, which chronicles Russo-Danish relations 1600-1900 through a display of precious artifacts gathered from both Danish and Russian museums*.

  • 27.09.2013 - 22.01.2014

    Coronations and Anointing of Russian Tsars and Emperors at the Moscow Kremlin

    Composed of almost 400 historical relics of high artistic merit, from pieces of state regalia to rarely seen archival documents, photographs and etchings, the exhibition is intended to reveal the atmosphere of coronations and consecration ceremonies in Russia as well as to explore the evolution of these solemn rituals throughout several centuries.

  • 05.10.2013 - 23.03.2014

    Russian diamonds in German crown

    The exhibition in the Württemberg State Museum covers the centuries-old history of the close diplomatic and dynastic relations between the Russian Empire and the Duchy of Württemberg, at first, and then - the Kingdom of Württemberg.

  • 11.10.2013 - 08.12.2013

    From Peter the Great to Paul I. The XVIIIth century masterpieces of the Imperial Russia from the Moscow Kremlin Museums

    The exposition, being hosted by the National Museum of the Republic of Buryatia, incorporates artworks of the XVIIIth century from the Moscow Kremlin Museums and covers the period from the reign of Peter the Great to the time of Paul I. Being a cultural heritage of the Imperial Russia, the presented collection reveals the unique atmosphere of the epoch of profound changes and outstanding achievements in science, political and cultural life of the country. Over 150 exhibits are on loan from the Moscow Kremlin Museums, including pieces of arms, insignia, precious tableware, interior furnishings and ceremonial and church utensils, decorative medals, tsar's garments, the rare seen memorabilia. The highlight of the exhibition is the group of artifacts, related to the figure of Peter I - one of the greatest and distinguished reformers in the history of Russia.

  • 05.11.2013 - 10.02.2014

    Silver legends of the Caucasus. Manaba Magomedova

    The Moscow Kremlin Museums provide support for the exhibition, being held by the State Historical Museum to mark the 85th Anniversary of Manaba Magomedova (1928-2013) - the Honoured Painter of Russia, People's Artist of the Republic of Dagestan. Having mastered to perfection the art of metal working this talented craftsman introduced innovative designs and techniques therefore contributed greatly to the development of the industry of jewellery making.