• 09.05.1945 - 20.06.2014

    Moscow Kremlin Museums in the second half of the XXth century

    The development of the museum in the second half of the XXth — early XXIth century

  • 11.09.2011 - 15.01.2012

    Poiret - King of Fashion

    For the first time in Russia the exposition, placed in the exhibition halls of the Assumption Belfry and One-Pillar Chamber of the Patriarch's Palace, presents the oeuvre of the distinguished French fashion designer Paul Poiret.

  • 29.09.2011 - 22.01.2012

    The Moscow Kremlin from the epoch of Muscovy to the time of the last coronation

    The exhibition, held in the Kazan Kremlin, has become one of the exhibition projects within the cultural collaborative programme carried out by the Moscow Kremlin museums and LUKOIL Oil Company in Russia’s regions. As the names of two museums are related to historical and cultural centers of the two cities the exhibition was decided to cover the history of the Moscow Kremlin.

  • 10.10.2011 - 08.01.2012

    A.-L. Breguet. How watchmaking conquered the world

    The exhibition, being a continuation of the cultural project of 2009 carried out in the Louvre museum, brings together over 170 remarkable timepieces from various renowned European collections.

  • 27.10.2011 - 20.01.2012

    Holy Russia

    The Moscow Kremlin museums assist in carrying out an exhibition project of the Russian Museum in the St. Michael's Castle, which is devoted to the culture of early Rus. The exhibition presents over three hundred artworks of the Xth-XVIIIth centuries from collections of the famous Russian museums, libraries and archives. The Moscow Kremlin Museums present over 40 outstanding artworks of the XIIth-XVIIth centuries, including icons, manuscript books, items of goldsmithery, pieces of pictorial and ornamental embroidery. Most of the items are usually exposed in the Armoury chamber or the Kremlin museums-cathedrals. Each of the presented articles is of high artistic and cultural value. Exhibits, worthy of special note, are the most ancient monuments of the Russian art of the pre-Mongolian period – items from Ryazan treasure-trove of the XIIth century

  • 28.10.2011 - 31.01.2012

    The Art of making Armour in Russia

    At the exhibition in the Samara Regional Art Museum the Moscow Kremlin present its famous collection of the Russian arms and armour. Over a hundred remarkable items of the XVIIth-XXIth centuries are on display, including arms and military equipment, used by the Russian warriors in battle, ceremonial and hunting weapons of the Russian Tsars, Emperors, leaders of the Soviet government and the current government officials of the Russian Federation. The exposition is completed with examples of awarded weapons of the Russian Empire epoch, handcrafted arms granted to the museum by modern craftsmen, ceremonial and memorial arms executed in our time.

  • 29.10.2011 - 26.02.2012

    "Around this Place, the Memories are Alive". The Menshikov Palace: 1711-2011

    The Moscow Kremlin museums take part in the exhibition project, carried out by the State Hermitage Museum, which covers the history of the monument of Saint-Petersburg’s architecture and culture - the palace of the city’s first governor Alexander Menshikov. The exposition includes prints, objects of decorative and applied arts, weapons and banners, books, documents and photographs, numismatic objects and archaeological finds recording different stages in the history of the palace. Five precious exhibits from the Kremlin Museums are presented within the display – the dirk and swords executed by the Olonets craftsmen, of which one had belonged to His Serene Highness Aleksander Danilovich Menshikov.

  • 17.11.2011 - 18.12.2011

    M.V. Lomonosov and His Epoch

    The Moscow Kremlin museums participate in the exhibition project, which is being carried out by the Russian State Archives of Ancient Documents (RSAAD) to mark the 300th Anniversary of one of the most distinguished and renowned Russian scientists - Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov. Remarkable historical items, related to the Lomonosov’s life, oeuvre and results of his scientific work are on display. At the exhibition the Moscow Kremlin museums present over 60 medals which serve as an implementation of the Lomonosov’s intention to create a “history in medals”, revealing the most important events of the Russian history as well as representing images of the Russian Grand princes, tsars and monarchs.

  • 10.12.2011 - 04.03.2012

    Tsar's court under the Romanovs. Treasure of the Moscow Kremlin

    At the exhibition in the Prague Castle Riding Hall visitors can observe precious monuments and works of decorative and applied arts of the XVIIth century from the fund of the Moscow Kremlin Museums, which relate to the time of the first tsars of the Romanov House - Mikhail Fyodorovich Romanov and Alexis Mikhailovich Romanov-, and their spiritual guide and counsellor Patriarch Philaret as well.