Orders and medals

  • Award badge with portrait of Peter the Great

    Moscow, Kremlin Workshops, early XVIIIth century.
    Gold, silver, precious stones, glass; casting, chasing, carving, niello, enamel, painting.
    Height (including the crown 78 mm); height (without the crown) 55 mm; width 47 mm.
    From the basic Armoury collection.

  • Medal bestowed to Prince V.V. Golitsyn after the Crimean campaign

    Moscow, 1680-1690 
    Gold, enamel, tourmalins, emeralds; chasing, engraving, filigree
    Diameter 46 mm; chain length 550 mm
    From the basic Armoury collection.

  • Cross of the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle the First-Called on the ribbon

    Saint-Petersburg, first quarter of the XVIIIth century.
    Gold, precious stones, silk; casting, chasing, engraving, enamel, weaving.
    Height of the cross 80 mm; width of the cross 70 mm; length of the ribbon 1600 mm; width of the ribbon 100 mm.
    Belonged to Peter the Great. From the basic Armoury collection.

  • Statute of the Order of St. George

    Saint-Petersburg, 1913
    Silver, precious stones, leather, parchment, moire, tinsel thread, glass, artificial pearls, wax; casting, stamping, enamel, painting
    50 х 44 х 10 cm; diameter of seal 17 cm
    From Capitulum of Orders.

  • Star of the Order of St. Catherine

    Saint-Petersburg, second half of XVIIIth century.
    Pearls, silk, paper; embroidery
    Diameter 98 mm
    Belonged to Catherine the Great. Aquired from the palaсу property in 1922.

  • Crown of the Order of Malta

    Russia, late XVIIIth - early XIXth century.
    Gold, silver, velvet, silk; casting, stamping, gilding, enamel, weaving
    Height 294 mm; base 203 х 191 mm
    From the basic Armoury collection.

The collection of orders and medals of the period from the XVIIth century till nowadays comprises more than 4600 exhibits. The basic fund composites are collections of phaleristics (Russian and foreign orders and award medals), commemorative medals (Russian, foreign and modern authorial medals), sigillography (seals) and statutes of Russian orders.

The high artistic quality of items is the bright characteristic of the collection. Many orders and medals belonged to either Russian and foreign rulers or members of the Royal family or eminent statesmen.

The stars of the collection are the rarest insignia of the English Order of the Garter of the XVIIth century, reliquiae of the Order of Malta (including the Crown of Malta), service insignia and medals of the Peter the Great’s time.

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