• View of the old building of the Armoury Chamber

    Russia, 1852
    Paper, watercolours, Indian ink
    26 х 34,8 cm (in the album) 
    Came from the Leningrad Museum Fund in 1928.

  • View of the Kremlin and Moscow from the Kremlin Palace's balcony (the left side)

    M.-G. Eichler.
    Engraving of the drawing by G. Delabart of 1797 .
    Russia, Western Europe, 1799 
    Paper; engraving
    56,2 х 82,7 cm
    Came from the State Museum Fund in 1927.

  • View of the Kremlin's Boyars Ground

    Russia, early XIXth century. 
    Workshop of F. Alekseyev
    Paper, watercolours, Indian ink, whitewash
    44 х 54,7 cm
    Came from the Antique in 1927.

  • View of the Saviour on the Bor Church and the Kremlin Palace

    Russia, 1825
    Paper; lithograph
    41,5 х 65,6 cm
    Came from the State Museum Fund in 1927.

  • View of the Faceted Chamber and the Annunciation Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin

    J. Weiss.
    Russia, 1852
    Paper, watercolours, whitewash
    15,3 х 20,5 cm (in the album)
    Came from the Leningrad Museum Fund in 1928.

  • The St. Alexander Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace

    Russia, mid-XIXth century.
    Chromolithograph by "F. Dreger & Co" of the drawing by N. Cherkasov
    Paper; chromolithograph
    53 х 39,4 cm 
    Was kept in the library of the Moscow Kremlin Museums until 2001, when was transfered to the Graphic Fund.

  • Crown of Tsar Michael Fyodorovich

    F.G. Solntsev.
    Russia, 1830-s.
    Paper, watercolours, whitewash, Indian ink, colourwash
    46,6 х 30 cm
    Came from the State Fund of charters and manuscripts in 1882.

  • Watercolour “Helmet of Tsar Mikhail Fyodorovich, 1621”

    Russia, 1830s.
    Painter: F. Solntsev.
    Paper; watercolours, drawing ink, whitewash, bronze.
    Size of the sheet:  43,0 х 30,8 cm; size of the passe-partout: 66,0 х 48,9 cm.
    Came from the State Fund of charters and manuscripts in 1882.

The collection of graphics of the State historical and cultural museum-preserve “The Moscow Kremlin” is tightly related to the history of the Moscow Kremlin, its monuments, architectural buildings and exhibits, preserved inside the Kremlin’s walls. The graphic fund is rather young. In 1961, it became a part of the science archive which, besides documents, included architectural graphics and graphic materials executed on the paper base. At the moment, the collection of graphics numbers more than 5000 items dated from the XVIIth to the 90s of the XXth century. There is a wide variety of the materials in the collection – from drawings, water-colour sketches and drafts to gravures and lithographs. The views of the Moscow Kremlin and images of its numerous monuments are prevalent among them. The collection of water-colours and drawings of antiquities of the Russian State, created by F.G. Solntsev is the biggest author’s collection. It includes over 1400 artworks of the painter and archeologist, created between 1830 and 1840. The collection of architectural graphics numbers more than 2000 exhibits. They are mainly drafts of the Moscow Kremlin - plans, facades, sections, measures of cathedrals, palaces, walls, towers and other constructions, some of which have not survived. The authors of these drafts and drawings are the famous architects of the XVIIIth-XIXth centuries, such as V.I. Bazhenov, M.D. Bykovsky, P.A. Gerasimov, I.V. Yegotov, I.L. Mironovsky, F.F. Richter, V.P. Stasov, K.A. Ton, D.V. Uchtomsky, N.I. Chichagov, N.A. Shochin and others. There are more than 500 drafts of the 1940-1970s among the architectural materials of the fund which belong to the auxiliary science fund.

The water-colour sketches and drawings were painted by such artists of the XVIIIth-XIXth centuries as F.Y. Alexeev, V.M. Vasnetsov, I.A. Weis, V.S. Sadovnikov, K.A. Uchtomsky. Among the materials on restoration of the Kremlin’s cathedrals there are about 50 drawings on calque painted from the murals of the Annunciation Cathedral created by the artist N.M. Safonov in 1884.

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