Architectural details

  • Construction slab from the Saviour's Tower

    Russia, 1491
    Architect Pietro Antonio Solari
    White stone; colouring, adzing, carving
    Height 84 cm; width 59 cm; depth 10 cm
    Acquired by the museum collection after restoration works in 1950.

  • Detail of the ornamental belt of the Cathedral of Saviour's Transfiguration on the Bor

    Moscow, 1330
    White stone; adzing, whitewash, carving
    Height 32 cm; width 36 cm; depth 19 cm
    Acquired by the Museum collection after demolition of the Saviour on the Bor Church in 1933.

  • Detail of the Annunciation Church portal

    Moscow, late ХIVth century
    White stone; adzing, whitewashing, carving
    Height 14 cm; width 35 cm; depth 35 cm
    Acquired by the museum collection after restoration of the Annunciation Cathedral in 1977.

  • Detail of the Miracle of Archangel Michael Cathedral's portal.

    Moscow, 1501–1503 гг.
    Italian architect unknown
    White stone; adzing, carving, colouring
    Height 26 cm; Width 29 cm; Thickness 15 cm
    Acquired by the museum collection after demolition of the Cathedral of
    Miracle of Archangel Michael in 1929.
    Inv. № А-849/2

  • Detail of the Terem Palace's parapet

    Moscow, 1636
    Architects B. Ogurtsov, T. Sharutin, A. Okhlebinin, O. Konstantinov
    White stone; adzing, carving, whitewashing
    Height 26 cm; width 29 cm; depth 15 cm
    Acquired by the museum collection after restoration works of the Terem Palace in 1998.

  • Decorative tile of the Upper Saviour's Cathedral

    Moscow, 1678
    Master Ippolit
    Red clay; impress, polychrome glaze
    Height 31 cm; width 37 cm; pin 7 cm
    Acquired by the museum collection after restoration works in 1920.

The fund of architectural details contains about 4000 exhibits of the early XIVth – mid-XXth century. It includes white-stone and ceramic architectural details, memorials and stove glazed tiles. The majority of them belongs to the lost architectural monuments of the Moscow Kremlin. Some ceramic exhibits (architectural details and stove tiles) relate to the other monuments of Moscow and other Russian towns. Architectural fragments (capitals, cornices, columns etc.), details with ornamental carving (frames, portals, parapets etc.), decorative elements (crowning frontons, zakomaras and others), sculpture and bas-reliefs, epigraphic monuments and construction details are referred to the white-stone architectural details. Sarcophagi, details and fragments of gravestones and tombstones represent memorial monuments.

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